No Deposit
No Return

The missing Deposit
and Return System,
Unresolved Producer Responsibility

Recesses in schools were like:


When the bell rang, students would rush to the snacks stand for a Vitasoy, enjoy it and return the glass bottle for 20 cents. It’s not much, but if accumulated, it is enough to buy a pack of chips.


When did such a scene vanish?


It was in 1977. Coca-cola and Pepsi in the US officially replaced reusable glass bottles to lightweight and cheap disposable plastic ones, other beverage manufacturers followed.




On sprite bottles, the slogan chanted “No deposit, no return” showing the pride of progression for convenience.

Both manufacturers and consumers were pleased. However, nobody has considered the dire consequences such changes might bring to the environment. Today, who is paying the price?


Who should bear the greatest responsibility?


Keeping clicking the one that you think should bear the greatest responsibility and check their reaction.

Recycle? It is not convenient!

Even I put these bottles into recycling bins, would these bottles really be recycled?

Even I do not want to use plastic bottles, there are no other choices!


We would hold more talk to raise the environmental awareness of citizens.

Hong Kong is a free market economy, so it is none of my business.

Let us conduct more research, research, and research………


We encourage consumers to recycle by themselves.

Why we have to pay for the waste reduction, it is not make-sense.

Plastic bottles are used by you, why I should be responsible for it.